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Encodex Telesystems Pvt. Ltd.

After successful trials by the Global technology pundits and with a crucial backing from the technology giants like Intel, Sprint, Google; US 4G provider Clearwire is on the path to deploy WiMAX network in U.S.

For the past two years Encodex has been partner in the network deployment and management efforts of US 4G/WiMAX provider.

4G is basically the fourth generation of wireless networks. It is successor of 3G which could offer flawless and smooth connectivity and global roaming across multiple networks. 4G wireless technology provides higher data rates and broader bandwidth across various wireless networks and systems.

The core technologies of fourth-generation wireless may include OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) UTMS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), and MIMO (multiple input/multiple output technologies)

4G involves WIMAX technology which is based on IEEE 802.16 standard, is actively being used for enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable, DSL and 3G

There is a great potential in the technology and an opportunity of existing players in the service provider industry to come up with a smart product at lower cost and rapid deployment than existing solutions available in the market. WiMAX is capable of carrying data, voice and video streams. It is already being used by providers to Offer internet VOIP as package.

Encodex Offerings
Encodex has worked with leading U.S. company to deploy and support its 4G WiMAX solution throughout the North America. From these deployments Encodex has developed a deep understanding of the challenges WISPs face implementing 4G network – as well as proven techniques for overcoming them.

Infrastructure Planning
Infrastructure planning is the key to successful deployment, resource inventory management and capacity planning must be done rigorously for effective operations. This extensive planning is achieved with the help of vital field statistics gathered from site surveys and coverage mapping. Also Encodex can provide an OSS that has the flexibility to model and manage:
4G base stations and antennas
Multi vendor end user devices
New device types and topologies
Relationships between resources and service

RF Engineering
RF network planning: Encodex provides full radio architecture plan of the network in terms of BTS, MW & Antenna plan By using planning tools like Planet or Agilent. Coverage prediction is obtained to plan the launch in new markets or expand services in older markets.

Radio network performance monitoring: from its modern location in Pune Encodex network engineering group monitors several regions, multiple sites for US 4G provider. in U.S. This is done with the help of customized performance reports from OMC and KPI analysis reports.

Guidelines for network expansion based on traffic requirement: Encodex has expertise to provide full support for finding and analyzing major offenders in traffic overload or sites with very low traffic in various regions.

New technological features incorporation: Encodex has helped US based 4G provider in converting their Expedience systems to fully fledged 4G - Wimax network by proving technical support. This has been achieved by testing the feature in a test-scenario and then slowly implementing across the network.

Network performance improvement: Encodex has improved the noise floors and scores of 4G network of US wimax provider significantly. By continuous optimization coverage and quality of the network has been brought to a higher levels.

4G Network Commissioning
Encodex has so far commissioned several thousand base stations and many network elements during the last 2 years; this gives an edge in experience over other vendors in the business. Commissioning includes equipment check, power fail of all site equipments, configuring switch of various manufacturers and microwave equipements.

Network Engineering, Architecture and Operations
Encodex also extends Tier-2 Support for network design engineering, architecture consultations and constant support for network operations in the form of NOC. An industry standard solution can be deployed if the need is urgent or a customized solution can be developed by in-house teams of software experts to suit the requirements of the project. NOC also delivers proactive network performance monitoring and reports and feedback from RF Engineers are made available.

Encodex 4G network solutions enable enterprises to meet scalability and infrastructure diversity as it can co exist with existing wired or wireless technologies; It can seamlessly and flexibly support solutions like cellular backhaul, broadband internet access and fixed-mobile converged services.

The Encodex Advantage
Today’s communications world is highly complex, demanding the rapid delivery of custom services over a wide range of Network and IT infrastructures.

Encodex brings order to this complexity through flexible and powerful tailor made software solutions, combined with industry-specific expertise and professional services in wireless Internet service.

Encodex’s innovative solutions transform the Service Layer by linking customer services with the Network Layer. The result is faster service delivery at reduced cost, the ability to provide any service over any network, and increased customer satisfaction.

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2. Encodex Telesystems welcomes you at the broadband expo Nov 1-3, 2010 Dallas, Texas. Visit Encodex at booth #2110

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4. RCom 3G tariff at affordable rates in four cities: Under its 'Affordable 3G for All' plan, the company said the 3G USB Data card for 3G 7.2 Mbps will cost Rs 2,599 and for 3G 21 Mbps will cost Rs 4,499.

5. Telcos unlikely to start tariff war in 3G: Industry experts say the price war fought during the 2G days will not hold true for the 3G services considering the hefty prices that operators have paid for acquiring licences.

6. Ministry begins issuing showcause notices to telcos on 2G licences: The telecoms ministry on Monday began issuing showcause notices asking why mobile permits of 85 of the 122 telecom licensees dished out by former communication minister A Raja in 2008 should not be cancelled.

7. Reliance Communications launches 3G services: Reliance Communications launched 3G, or third generation , mobile services in Mumbai , Delhi, Kolkata, and Chandigarh on Monday.

8. DoT rejects Liberty bid for ITI takeover: The telecom department (DoT) has rejected the Liberty Group’s bid for taking over telecom equipment maker Indian Telephone Industries (ITI), an official privy to the development told ET.

9. No price war in 3G space, says Reliance Comm: Leading telecom player Reliance Communications today said there will be no price war in 3G mobile services space.

10. Govt penalty on telcos failing to meet roll-out obligations: Government may charge erring telecom firms a maximum of up to Rs 7 crore as liquidated damages for failing to meet the roll-out obligations as per licence terms and conditions.

11. Telco licence investigator to identify 2G lapses: An investigation into the sale of telecom licences at low prices will look into "shortcomings and lapses" in the 2G licensing process, the telecoms ministry said in a statement on Monday.

12. DoT starts sending show-cause notices to erring telcos: The telecom ministry today started issuing show-cause notices to telecom companies which allegedly suppressed information to bag licences or failed to roll out services in stipulated time.

13. 2G scam: SC asks government to produce complaint against Radia: The bench allowed Tata to file a further affidavit and response to the government affidavit on his petition by the first week of January 2011.

14. RCom launches 3G services; promises affordable tariffs: RCom has launched the service in three metros -- Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata -- and in Chandigarh. RCom is among the top three with highest 3G-enabled coverage.

15. Imagination to license chips to telecoms: The UK chip designer seeks to take advantage of the rapid shift towards video and internet voice telephony services by dealing directly with phone and handset operators
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